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Maybe I am a glutten for punishment and I really should stop trying to use my Studio 192 in any way that one might normally expect. Do I risk turning my device into an expensive paperweight?
I was listening to music on my PC through my Studio 192 attached to my Eris 8 monitors. I was using Groove, which is the MS MP3 Player. Out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could add some reverb to the output. So I opened up UC Surface and when I launched the 192 Surface the audio disappeared. No signal displayed on the interface meter or in the software meter. I oepend up the Windows Sound Panel and the meter on the Main Output shows a signal and the Groove app is still playing. I waited 5 minutes and nothing changed, I power my 192 off and did a reboot of my pc - Thankfully I've got an SSD boot system, and it's a farily quick process. Now I go into UC Surface and the Delay FX is missing. I can play music and use the UC seemingly without any issues. I can even add some reverb to the Main Output - Seems like maybe the issue is with the Delay DSP in my 192.

I did create a ticket with Support - I fully expect them to tell me to uninstall everything and reinstall - At which point if that works I'll add another item to the list of things that the 192 can't do.

I know you are all probably tired of my posting. I'm doing it, because I came to this forum before buying my 192. If I had seen that it had these problems I might not have made the purchase. So I'm just putting it here incase there's a person out there who might need the whole story before they purchase.. At this point its a toss up, I problably wouldn't buy it knowing what I know now..

Be Informed!!

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