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Studio 192 Mobile main output problem

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:33 pm
by michaelreiff
So I've had my interface for years and, amazingly enough, have always used it with headphones. I finally reconfigured my studio such that I am now planning to use monitors more frequently. I'll say that the interface has been reasonably stable with headphones, and I've had it since the model was first released.

At any rate, firing it up with monitors tonight I noticed an odd thing: every few minutes one monitor will simply drop out -- no apparent pattern, and it impacts both sides randomly. adjusting the master volume knob up and down generally corrects the issue for a few minutes but in invariably returns. Headphone monitoring still works flawlessly.

I find it odd that it impacts the sides randomly and both sides have yet to drop out simultaneously.

Any thoughts?

Re: Studio 192 Mobile main output problem

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 3:16 am
by Travelor
There are a few area's that could be checked and questions that the professionals are going to ask.
What DAW are you using? FL? Studio One?
Are you using any automation on the session tracks?
Are you using any "trial" plug-ins?
Are you using a "cracked" version of the DAW software?
What kind of Monitors are you using?
Does the issue occur if you're playing a YouTube video or listening to your music library?
In the Universal Control Surface app, do the meters drop for the output corresponding to the current channel (L or R) that is dropping volume?
I am by no means the pro here, but I know that these are some of the questions that the 192 Pros might ask. They might also help give you some direction in finding the issues.

Be Blessed!!!
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Re: Studio 192 Mobile main output problem

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 6:56 am
by michaelreiff
Thanks for the reply Travelor. To provide some of the details you mention:

I am currently using Ableton Live 10 Suite, fully licensed, not cracked.
The dropouts have occurred both with and without automation on a given project
All plug-ins are fully licensed
Monitors are Samson Resolv 65A powered
When it happens both the meter on the interface and the UC app continue to show the same input levels
The issue seems to happen MORE frequently when I am listening to the Spotify Windows app or a browser-based source like YouTube than it does with Ableton - that's purely subjective, however...

Re: Studio 192 Mobile main output problem

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:14 pm
by Travelor
It's Friday - And despite my own woes with my Studio 192, it's FRIDAY!!
I was originally thinking something related to the DAW software, but it is happening with any audio signal to the Monitors. Because of this I would look at the monitors as the possible issue. I have owned guitar amps that exhibited similar behavior when I was pushing them too hard and for too long. To put it in simplistic terms the amp would heat up so much that the signal just gets vaporized and never makes it to the speaker. Probably not technically correctly, but it sounds cool. :punk:
Do you have access to another set of monitors? That would give you the means to test and rule out the 192 as the culprit. Or you could contact one the ASPs for Samson and see what they suggest. and see if you can find a Authorized Service Provider near you or at least one you can call.

Have a Blessed Weekend!!