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I'm a little confused and have a few questions about how the front headphone output works on the 192 Mobile.

I would like to send the main mix from Studio One 4 Pro to the front headphone jack.

In the Universal Control Mixer under Headphone Source I have both Headphone Cue and Headphone Primary set to Main Mix and Cue is not activated. This is also reflected in Studio One under Phones in the mixer.

In Studio One in Audio I/O Setup > Song Setup > Outputs I have Headphones set to LR on (7 Phones 1 Left) and (8 Phones 1 Right) with the Cue Mix box checked.

The problem I'm having is I can not hear the audio from FX buses in the headphones, I only hear the clean signals from the audio and instrument tracks. I know the FX buses don't have cue mix sends. Thats why I would like to have the main mix in the headphone output instead of the cue mix. However, if I uncheck the cue mix box in I/O Setup I don't get any signals going through the headphones. Also, if I have the cue mix box checked and I activate the Cue Mix button in the UC Mixer or on the front of the 192 Mobile I hear nothing through the headphones. All mixes are unmuted and showing levels on their main outputs.

They way I understand it from watching videos from PreSonus is I should be able to set the Primary Mix to Main Mix and the Cue Mix to 1/2 or 3/4. Then if cue is on I can monitor the mix I'm sending to 1/2 or 3/4 and if cue is off I should hear the main mix from Studio One. I also thought if I unchecked the cue mix box in I/O Setup that it would default to main mix instead of nothing and I just wouldn't be able to monitor the cue mixes of 1/2 3/4.

I know I can send the Main Mix to Phones 1 L and Phones 1 R in the I/O setup and get what I want but then I can't have the Main Mix going to my main monitors at the same time.

Am I completely misunderstanding how the front headphone output functions? Is it for Cue Mixes only, if so what's the point of having the option of setting the phones source to Main Mix? What are the function of the Headphone Source in UC Mixer and the Phones tab next to the mixer in Studio One?

Is there a way to get just the Main Mix from Studio One sent to the front headphone output on the Studio 192 Mobile?
This isn't that big of an issue for me, I just thought I had done it before and its kind of driving me crazy at the moment! :?

Any answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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