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I am a Pro Tools 2018.4 user and I am not understanding why when I make a send using any of my ADAT channels on the Studio 192, the signal does not come up in UC.

For example, if I were to make a send on Line Out #6 in Pro Tools, it would show up in UC as track "DAW 5" (if in stereo link / or obviously "DAW 6" if stereo link is off) which corresponds to "Mix 5/6" in UC. This is how I understand it should work.

This is not the case with any of the ADAT Outs though. I want to use the ADAT Outs as a means to create headphone mixes. These signals will go to an AKG HP6E.

I know that I have my outputs routed properly in Pro Tools. If it matters, I was testing this before I bothered to purchase a particular snake cable for making the headphone mixes. So I do not actually have a physical ADAT out cable hooked into anything right now. Still though, it should still show up in UC is my understanding since doing any line outs without physical connections being made still show up too.

So I guess my question is, are there some settings to get an ADAT out send from Pro Tools to show up in UC? What I assumed would happen is another "DAW X" channel would be used but there appears to be no such thing. Am I going about this wrong or is this just a non-existent signal path because I am misunderstanding it?

Note I can turn up other tracks to get signals out ADAT channels in UC, but this is not the end goal. I want my ADAT outs to be able to be used as individual sends like the line outs. I have a Focusrite OctoPre and I want to route the ADAT outs of the Studio 192 into the OctoPre using optical cable, and out of the OctoPre into the HP6E using a DB25 to TRS snake (there is a function on the OctoPre to route the ADAT outs to the DB25 out). That is the end goal.
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by pascalmourard on Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:33 pm
Same thing for me... I think I'm going crazy but perhaps not ... I bought the studio mobile 192 as a second sound card exactly for using the ADAT ins and outs... very disappointed... it seem to be impossible to use these adat outs as individuals sends... Is that a conception problem for the Studio 192 mobile ?
Did you found a solution ?

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