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Studio 192/Macbook Pro Connectivity Issues

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:14 pm
by seandavies
Hey guys,

Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice you can provide with this issue. I'm currently having some connectivity/clock related issues with my Studio 192. I'll provide some background:

I have my 192 and 88 connected to my Mac, and have been using it for the past year and change with no issues in both Logic and Pro Tools. Out of the Blue, firing it up the other day, I had no audio passing through to my Central Station. A few simple re-boots didn't do the trick, so I did an update of Universal Control, Firmware, Pro Tools, all with no results. I also removed UC software and re-installed, tried disconnecting the 88, tried different USB cables, etc. All the standard fixes I could find. No luck. I'm stuck getting a red/blue flashing light, then straight red. Sad times.

Googling around, most articles seemed to reference solving the problem through UC "Surface". However, I don't see a way to download this via the App Store to my Mac (am I missing something there?) -- either way, I was able to download Surface on my iPad, and it does detect the device, but I'm not able to get past the initial screen to take any action. I'm basically stuck looking at an icon of the 192.

Some more clues: the new version of Universal Control on my Mac doesn't seem to be fully connected to the unit (screen shots attached). The old version would provide a way to change the clock source on launch. This version either doesn't provide that, or can't provide that with the error(s) I'm experiencing. So I'm basically seeing my 192 as connected, sort of...? It's pretty weird.

I'm also getting a pretty complex/deep Pro Tools error referring some specific files/pathing issues. Pro Tools fires up fine when NOT connected to the 192. And although it's partially recognizing the device, it's not able to connect to the I/O's successfully. Logic seems to only see the unit as MIDI i/o's strangely enough.

The crux of the issue seems to be clock related, but I can't find anyway to access the clock settings to change them. The DP88 is syncing correctly, with blue lights present. It's the 192 which is flashing red/blue, then going all red. Gah!

Oh I also tried rebooting in "Load" mode, no luck there.

Anyone have any tricks they can provide, or guidance on the differences of UC, UC Surface, etc?

Re: Studio 192/Macbook Pro Connectivity Issues

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:46 am
by musicchamber
Universal Control can be downloaded from your Presonus account. Go to 'My Products' - 'Hardware" click on Presonus 192 then you will see a link to download the latest version of Universal Control.