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Here's a recording I made starting out in Notion. The score was transcribed in Notion (I've also attached it here if any find it of interest), rules were applied to control technique and articuation of instruments, and then it was exported to Studio One pro for editing, assignment of instruments and recording of automation envelopes for instrument parameters. I also added reverb and a mastering plug-in. I used Spitfire Studio Strings, Brass and Winds, and VSL Harp and Harpsichord.

Altogether about two days leisurely work.

Enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated!

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Ancient Airs II 2.notion
(2.72 MiB) Downloaded 41 times

iMac (Retina 5K 27", 2019) 3.6 ghz I9 8-core 64 gb RAM Fusion Drive
macOS Catalina 10.15 with small AOC monitor for additional display
2 - 500 gb + 1 tb external SSD for sample libraries
M Audio AirHub audio interface
Nektar Panorama P1 control surface
Nektar Impact 49-key MIDI keyboard
Focal CMS40 near-field monitors
JBL LSR310S subwoofer
Notion 6 + Studio One 5 Pro


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