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Grainger - Molly on the Shore

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:55 pm
by michaelmyers1
This rendition of an old Irish reel was originally written by Grainger in 1907 as part of his British Folk Music Series. The version I've recorded was arranged by Grainger for full orchestra in 1949 at the request of Leopold Stokowski for a Grainger "hits" album he was about to record. It's very upbeat and "sparkly" with strings and wind runs and some dreamy sort of interlude sections. I've recorded the string quartet version previously for release, and it is not nearly as wayward. I think Grainger was feeling pressure after the War to create work which was more "modern" in feel.

I used Notion to transcribe the work some time ago, and I recorded it over the weekend by transferring the notes to Studio One using the transfer function in Notion. The VST libraries used are Spitfire Studio Woodwinds, Spitfire Studio Brass, Spitfire Studio Strings and VSL percussion. I also used Spitfire Solo Strings to add detail as first chairs for VI, Vla, Cello and Bass.

This is a first cut and comments are always welcome!

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