StudioLive RM32Ai and RM16Ai Mixers & UC Surface with QMix Ai
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Yes all you need to do is either go to the apple store and check the updates notes


Log into your presonus account or just go to the downloads section of UC Surface or RM mixers and check the release notes for the update

A lot of the time with software or firmware updates its user error.

Before downloading or updating anything via your console you should check the release notes for the new version.

This lists new features, fixes, current know bugs not yet fixed in the update and also most importantly which operating systems or devices it is workable on
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by Karyn on Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:40 am
basmeijer wrote
Karyn wroteAll that really says is that the 1.3 beta was about about to be released to beta testers.

It's not actually been confirmed anywhere I can find that the final release version fixes the problem. I still have 2 iPads that need updating but I've got a gig coming up where I can't afford to have them crashing.

"Will the 1.3 update address the issue with iPads being on IOS 8.3?"
The next message: "Yes."
That's your confirmation, simple and straight. What follows after is irrelavant to the initial question.

It is nevertheless disappointing to hear that the iPad app or the iPad to RM linkup is unstable.
In 6 days I have a festval gig in Sweden with the RM and I only have iPads now updated to iOS 8.3 and awaiting the release of the more reliable ethernet based CS console unit.

Come on, quote it in full.

"Yes. Beta will be receiving the release candidate this weekend"

All that says is they intend 1.3 to fix the problem. But has it? It seems not.


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by shaneboaden on Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:49 am
Karyn according to the release notes version 1.3 has fixed the crash and drop out issue on ipad air devices, mine included.

If you want to find out off several other users if they've had any issues then head over to the Presonus Studiolive Facebook Users page and ask the question there too, there are many people around the world including some Presonus staff that answer questions and help to diagnose problems

Over the last couple of weeks since its release I and many other users have not seen any users on there, but that's not to say like we have seen here there are 2 people that have had issues.

They however have not elaborated fully on exactly what happened and what the circumstances were behind their issues and that's where facebook page is great as people will try and reproduce the issue of help the user with an explanation or solution, whether it be something they've missed or logging a tech support ticket

The Facebook page is great for troubleshooting as its real time chat from other users and presonus team, I highly recommend having a look
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by krisgulya on Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:02 am
for a mixer that costs as much as these units, there is NO EXCUSE for this.

I have a brand NEW unit, purchased eariler this week, having issues w ios.
I have an older unit purchased several months ago, same issues w ios.


the apps freeze up, lock up, and need to reboot at even the slightest hint of touching the screen.
Apple has check my devices and said there was no issue with my devices.

They did comment there is SEVERAL bad reviews on your latest app version already posted on the apple stores reviews, regarding UC. and i should contact their customer support for the fix.

in all reality we should have to contact NOONE regarding issues,there shouldnt be any to begin with!
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by shaneboaden on Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:49 am
Hi Kris,

Along with the app update to V1.3 there were new firmware updates to both the RM and AI consoles, if you haven't updated to the current firmware maybe that could be the problem with the app being on one version and the mixer being on a different firmware that might not be compatible??

Log into your account or check the webstie on RM mixers under downloads to check if you have the most up to date firmware

Hope that helps
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by brianmcaloon on Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:11 am
Mine crashed last night twice. Latency as well in muting. Not sure if that was the app or my network dropping out.
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by basmeijer on Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:36 am
This all sounds like the similar situation that I was experiencing in the end of February, 2015, when I was touring with one RM32Ai for 3 weeks and various iPads with the firmware, UC and iOS versions, long before the iOS 8.3 was released. Almost every gig I did hit the "crash"pot. OR ELSE it kept stable the WHOLE NIGHT.
I always knew when it eventually started crashing, it kept crashing. So working with is was always crossing fingers!

The further the distance from the router that I had setup to let the iPad talk to the RM, the more crashes occurred, so I ended usually up doing FOH sitting very close or even next to the stage. Not very good, to say in a nice way.

I have reasons to assume that the problems are power and/or network related, because with bad power conditions and (or?) busy WiFi networking in the area, despite a good signal strength, the crashes occurred.

That is why I opted a while ago to have the WiFi connection quality checked by UC and to produce information if the quality is below a point that proper control is still possible.
This should not be too hard to implement... I guess...

Again, PreSonus, go for it! Improper control of the RM is catastrophic.
At the moment I tend to let the RM stay in storage more and more because I am scared to loose control over the mixer and I do not wish to invest in a wired solution like a Windows based touchscreen. I rather wait and put my money in the CS18Ai.

Please debug the crashing iPad UC app!

Or was this the reason that it took Apple much longer to release it in the Appstore, because of the incidental crashes???
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by mwright137 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:08 pm
Apple "took longer" to release it for two reasons:

1. PreSonus said this release was not standard - the usually wait until the App Store release is ready and then release all apps together. For whatever reason, they released all the other apps early knowing the iPad app would appear "delayed". In truth, all apps are finished at the same time and the iPad app is the only one that has an approval process involved.

2. (educated guess) Apple had their WWDC the same week PreSonus would have submitted their app for approval. With all Apple employees likely focused on the conference, the approval process was delayed.

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by basmeijer on Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:54 pm
Thanks for mentioning this again in point 1), this was indeed the case. I was more referring to a bit of extra time, and I did some inquiries about the reason for delay before release from the Appstore. "Much" was a bit over-exagurated by me, I suppose it just felt like ages because I was so eager to have it. ;) In reality I compared the 2 release dates and the count difference is only 7. :oops:
I could very will understand that the WWDC consumed a lot of time from the Apple guys and gals, I opt for reason 2) as well - also because I would like to believe that the stability issue does not have to do anything with the delay, nevertheless the question.
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by krisgulya on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:42 am
shaneboaden- This is with both my brand new and my slightly older units now, both on the current firmware and ios ipad is 8.1.3, the other is still on ios 7.x (we also used a borrowed mini2 on 8.1.3)

and I have to agree with Brians comments, the Latency is HORRIBLE with these units as well. Far worse than the QSC TM , or Behringer X/XR systems.The Behringer seems to be the quickest of the 3 to respond when lagging.(Behringer I run on android) ( I own and use all of the units compared )

Of course the further I got from the stages (say 50ft+) the ipad was losing communication with the RM, although the ipad signal meter was still showing 2-3 "loops/bars" of wifi signal from my linksys router. ive never relied on the built in- internal wifi. win 8.1 on stage left, hardlined to router, ipads at Foh)

The CPU DID NOT experience major latency issues, there were some, but not lengthy time. the ipad was taking upwards of 2-3 seconds before I could "hear" the adjustment. (ie effects muted, channel turned off, etc). usually followed by an immediate crash.
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by basmeijer on Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:16 pm
How about iOS 8.4, which is as I have heard available tomorrow, has that been tested with UC Surface?
Will we hear about the stability at some point so it is save to update? Or even better as in improved stability?
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by shaneboaden on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:07 pm
What Presonus has always said is to not perform any operating system upgrades until they have tested and approved it to be safe and working with their software.

I have read that they do get beta versions of the operating systems to test out and may approve it as working, but then once the official operating system comes out to the public Apple may have made modifications to it which is not then passed on and may make some software unstable.

Bottom line is, and i have learnt this from ios8.3 is to absolutely NOT update until Presonus make users aware that it is safe to do so.

I'd rather my ipad work 100% for uc surfac than get an ios update with things i probably won't use and it MAYBE make uc surface unstable like the last one

Especially since the recent version of uc surface was a few weeks ago now so who knows when the next release would be if it were to become unstable.

Bottom line is, if any user upgrades ios without having first hand knowledge from Presonus that the new ios is supported with the current uc surface then it is at the risk and fault of the user

So be patient :D
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by basmeijer on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:36 pm
Oh, yes, I will for sure.
I would not want to risk that it does not work at all just 2 days before I go touring with the RM. Would pull my last hair out if I would ruin one of my iPads in not working properly any more and not able to go back... :roll:

Actually, and you just did it for me, :) is to start already putting the attention to iOS 8.4 so people do not blindly update their iPad before PreSonus' approval. :thumbup:
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by shaneboaden on Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:05 pm
No problem basmeijer,

Are you on the Presonus Users facebook page?
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by basmeijer on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:13 am
No, I am not on Facebook, sorry.
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by krisgulya on Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:52 am
Great. so this means that I have a mixer I cannot depend on, it means they arent supporting their product in a timely manner, and it also means that all of the promises of this/that working are meaningless.
Obviously Presonus is not developing the product to work correctly. They cannot keep up with the device updates fast enough.maybe they should rethink their game.

10 months (to the day) after its release, there is still major issues, and undeveloped promises.

Ive heard less Bullcrap on a timeshare pitch.
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by shaneboaden on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:39 am
Kris it sounds like you're not getting any support or help for this I take it?

What exactly are you referring to by not having a mixer you can rely on, and not supporting the product in a timely manner and keeping up with device updates?

It's not Presonus job to make sure they're ahead of Apple's updates that mind you are fixing bugs that they have them self, that's the nature of software or anything digital.

The recommendation by Presonus has always been to not update to any new operating system on PC, Mac or iPad before it being fully tested and approved by them

If a user feels they just can't wait to have a shiny new home screen, or a new music service app added and then it screws a perfectly working app that you rely on then basically its the users fault and error.

I myself have no intention of updating my ipad to 8.4 until Presonus approves it because I have no need to add any new Apple features, I also know that on ios8.3 my latest version of UC Surface and AI desk firmware is working 100% and not failing so I don't want to mess with that/

If you are still having issues with your board and tech support can't or no one here is offering anything, what i would recommend you do is to go and join the Presonus Studiolive Users Facebook group and explain your situation in full there

There are thousands of users on there that can help troubleshoot your problem, some of them being Presonus staff who comment almost daily if you tag them and ask a question.

Jason Spring is a great one to ask for help

Out of all of these users since the update came out I haven't read about one of them having any problems.

That's why i suggest going there cos maybe there's something that's getting missed here or with tech support

It sounds like you're having problems with the app dropping out the further away you get from your mixer/router right?

This doesn't sound like it's the app that's the problem it could be due to wifi congestion in the room maybe that could be on the same band as what the router is set to, is it a private network?

I can't stress enough to you to go to the facebook page as you will get a quicker response than here in the forum, we are all there to help each other out

Also double check the release notes to make sure all your devices are supported, it also lists issues solved and lists known bugs that are still being worked on ... Notes1.pdf

The apple store also has notes on what was fixed and what devices are supported, there are also positive reviews on there about the current version whereas the last version of UC Surface that was known for crashes had several bad reviews ... 65316?mt=8
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by brianmcaloon on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:00 am
I'm assuming it's the iPad app for JC surface that is crashing. What specifically are you running? iPad Air or air 2 need to be updated the current version just released so they won't crash. Latency has been an issue but I know it's my router that is a cheap one I had laying around.
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by krisgulya on Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:08 am
Let me start off. I AM NOT A NOOB to digital mixing. Nor am I a NOOB to Box units like the RM. I own/operate a major sound company in NC.
(i did have these mistyped this in an earlier post..)
Ipad Air 2 running ios 8.3 -(mistyped as 8.1.3)
Ipad Mini2 running ios 8.1.3 (brand new 4/15/15)
Ipad Mini3 running ios 8.3 (brand new 6/25/15)

ALL OF THEM HAVE CRASHED WHILE IN USE. MULTIPLE TIMES. they freeze up, cause no response, and need to be shut down and rebooted.Luckily I have NOT had to reboot the mixer yet. (all of the devices listed here other than the laptop were used separately, iow no 2 ipads were running at the same time)

none of my windows units have crashed. 8.1 tablet, and 8.1 laptop.

The firmware and apps were downloaded at the same time, when this RM was NEW OUT OF BOX just last tuesday.(6/23/15) the second RM I own, was also updated (which also has the same exact issues). They have all been since "confirmed" (aka: re-downloaded) several times, as having the current firmware/software.

My WIFI is a private, security enabled, network.It is also "Hidden" to other people. the RM is hardlined to the router, as well as the laptop. the tablet devices run off a Linksys Router via WIFI. My router is on a stand some 15-18ft in the air on the stage. away from other devices/speakers/amplifiers/wireless units. The uses have not had any other device interference. (one was outside on a stage on a beach) I do not have issues with the laptop connected at RM/Router, it is also located side stage with the rm.

I DO NOT have these same issues with my other units (x32/xr-18/xr-12/touchmix16). I can usually get some 150ft from the antenna and still get a decent signal. (with the exception of the touchmix- and thats because of a propritary wifi design thats crap and well documented to qsc)

I couldnt make it 60ft from the stages with the rm before serious lagging/latency and crashing took place
The Latency between the ipad and rm exceeded 2-5 seconds REAL TIME. Id shut off the effects (because the song was done/singer wanted to chat w audience) and id continue to hear effects for a couple of seconds after confirming MUTE was enabled! Id shut a channel off because it was not in use, yet could still hear output from said channel for a few seconds after confirming mute was on.Slide a fader, and the result was not heard for a couple of seconds, then come in too strong/quiet, needing readjustment again.

I am NOT running capture or studio one. and NEITHER is downloaded onto any devices. I only use the RM and apple devices for Live Mixing. Thats IT. I only ask the devices to simply mix the show.
Thats not much to ask of a $2000 mixer. any other unit at this price range does what I asked of it without delay..( i feel like using this unit, its like asking a teenager to take out the trash. 5-6 times of asking, and youll get some sort of response. even if its undesireable!)
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by krisgulya on Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:21 am
one more point to add to above..THE IPADS MAINTAINED DECENT SIGNAL TO ROUTER. 2-3 loops of the wifi signal meter were still present after the ipads froze/locked up on the UC screen.
Im CONVINCED these issues are an APPLE APP RELATED fault.

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