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Trying ipad air 2 with sw 14.6, UC control Apr 30 2021, RM16ai

Posted: Mon May 31, 2021 5:04 pm
by bobgardner
I hadnt done a live gig with the rm16 in over a year. I forgot the ipad passcode and had to go to the apple store in the mall and get em to reset the ipad, so that's how I got the ipad upgrade. I noticed there was a new uc version I have a TP-link_F461 router that i was using before. Of course, nothing works. Demo version of UC works, but scan doesnt show a picture of the rm16. I'm mostly an old analog sound guy and windows pc guy. Would someone please retype the bullets to get UC on the ipad to see the RM. Do I need to connect to the router with a cable to set a fixed ip address? Very frustrating. I was resigned to having to re setup the scenes for the band that I work with, but I assumed that a new ipad os would at least connect to the router. Has anyone tried to run that new UC Thanks so much.