StudioLive RM32Ai and RM16Ai Mixers & UC Surface with QMix Ai
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That's right, fellow guinea pigs, the newer RML16AI is INCOMPATIBLE with the older RM32AI. I tried all combinations of firmware 9244 and 13731 on both RML16 and RM32 (and even 8591 on the RM32). They all FAILED to cascade properly, with either RML16 or RM32 as the master. In every case, the master was able to select either Analog or Network (slave) input sources on each channel, but the slave was unable to route its channels to any of the LRM or mix bus outputs. This was using a MOTU AVB switch to connect both mixers to a wifi router. No matter what combination I tried, only the first 32 channels could be routed to an output bus. Presonus evidently screwed something up in the bus routing that prevents the cascaded slave from connecting to the buses.

Question for those who have actually gotten cascading to work at some point:

Which models (RM16+RM32 or RML16+RML32) worked reliably for you, using which firmware version? I know firmware 9244 is rumored to be the most stable, but on which hardware model?
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by SwitchBack on Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:30 am
Obviously each mixer has its own versions of firmware; Apart from the channel count the RMLs have to deal with the line inputs too, where The RMs only have mic inputs. Other than that I’d say they should be compatible, also for networked use.

Do make sure you visit the correct support pages for the mixers: RM32AI and RML16AI.
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by lishlash on Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:16 am
Presonus requires you to register each mixer purchase on their website, and restricts firmware downloads to only those versions that apply to the specific hardware models you have registered. That insures you cannot download RM instead of RML firmware for your mixer, and vice versa. I was likewise careful to distinguish between RML16 and RM32 firmware.
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by wahlerstudios on Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:34 am
Some of the RM/RML specialists are now writing in a closed (private) FaceBook group. If you have access to FaceBook, it might be worth to join the group:

PreSonus RM mixer Owners And Enthusiasts

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by lishlash on Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:57 am
Thanks for the advice, Wahler Sounds. I know you posted here several times on your experiences cascading RM mixers. Which models and firmware did you use?
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by wahlerstudios on Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:23 pm
Yes, I made the same experience as you. The last firmware "update" destroyed cascading, which made me turn to the Series III products. For me it was also the PreSonus AVB switch, which killed the system, which used to be reliable. I made some tests after the crash. When I got my MOTU AVB switch involved, everything worked again. But I had lost my trust and confidence and sold my AI equipment to a school, which does not use cascading or AVB networking... I lost a few thousands of Euros on PreSonus equipment (also "classic" mixers), but your friendship to PreSonus has to have some "value". :mrgreen:

Try with with "old" firmware on both rack mixers and the MOTU AVB switch. It should still work. Otherwise have a look at the beta test. I think cascading is a theme there.

Correction: The new firmware is only for the CS18AI. The rack mixers are no subject anymore.

"CS18 MCU/HUI Firmware v1.6.16403"

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by michaelwalter on Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:38 pm
I know this is an older ticket. I have had a slightly different experience and wanted to share.

I’ve run an RM32AI since Oct 2014. About a year ago, I needed to be able to track more then 32 XLRs at once productions, (needing at least 43). So, I experimented adding an RML16AI and a PreSonus SW5E AVB switch.

With all connected to the AVB, originally had issues correctly cascading with earlier RM firmware versions. The current Beta firmware resolved that thankfully.

With the cascading input signal resolved, tried testing headphone playback, making sure clients can hear all 64 input tracks back at once. Initially, had Fire-Wire return dropouts on the cascaded slave RM (on average every 3 to 6 minutes, needing a reboot to resolve), with earlier versions of UC Surface, (v3.2.1 and earlier). But, the newest UC Surface version, (v3.5.0), not a single Fire-Wire return dropout at all! to be seen and/or heard yet.

It did take a bit of time testing / debugging with different UC versions and hardware firmware versions to fully resolve, but from the experience I had, with help of Johnny & the tech team at PreSonus, all looks successful here cascading an RM & RML Access to all 48 XLRs and all 64 Fire-Wire returns, on any of the 16 sends, no issue.
Thank you again Jonny & team for all of your assistance!

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