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Capture suddenly stops recording

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:30 am
by gijsvandegeijn
Hi All,

One of the (many Presonus-stuff) problems we run into is that capture suddenly stops recording using the latest firmware on the (cascaded) RM32's (v13731). My guess is that it could be firewire related.

We do use exactly the same recording pc (HP i5-8GB, SDD, W10 with a supported firewire chipset) as always. With RM32 FW 9244 all recordings were fine.

Tonight we have a live performance again and I NEED the COMPLETE recording of the show !
Downgrading firmware right now is NOT an option.

How to solve this? Anyone?

UC v2.9.2.49805
2x RM32 FW v13731 Cascaded
CS18 FW v13840

Re: Capture suddenly stops recording

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:31 am
by wahlerstudios
I'm sorry to say, but downgrading the RM's firmware is THE ONLY OPTION you have; the CS18 works fine with the new firmware. There have been several threads about this subject and it's been proved that the new firmware has a BIG PROBLEM with firewire. There is no solution in sight, except downgrading the RM's firmware.

Be happy when cascading works through the whole show. There is also a network problem, especially when a SW5E is involved.

Good luck for tonight!

Re: Capture suddenly stops recording

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:48 pm
by gijsvandegeijn
Then downgrading will be the way to go, for the time being, I suppose.

It’s a cascaded configuration of two RM32’s with MOTU AVB switches. And yes, during the show I did lose control once of the second RM32 (ch 33..64) for about 10 minutes.

First, I saw the metering disappearing from UC (ch33.64) in front of me. Then also on CS18 no more control (but Ch1..32 worked fine). Audio was still working (…yeah…).

And of course NO (decent) recording of the shows because of the firewire problems (sometimes a lot of ticks and clicks, sometimes complete silence (no audio at all) recorded while running Capture).

And that hurts the most.

I will create a new ticket, maybe for the last time, with all bugs I have found or run into with this latest firmware version. But I guess they are already be aware of all of them at presonus support.