StudioLive RM32Ai and RM16Ai Mixers & UC Surface with QMix Ai
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Thanks. I’m going to do that. Revert to the previous firmware. Thanks again.
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by stephenbish on Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:34 pm
Thought it best to post here rather than start a new thread. I have an issue with UC not finding my RM16ai. I am wondering if this is because of latest OS update. My Macbook in on Mojave 10.4.4 but the download section only shows 10.4.2
I have not used the RM16 for a year or more and the Firmware is the one updated to after purchase. Things worked well for years until putting it away. I see recommendations to roll back Firmware but I doubt that's the issue, unless of course it is TOO old.
I am assuming here that the firewire cable and adaptor (thunderbolt) are all fine as sound travels through the mixer on some channels. It's as though the channels are as they were the last time it was used. No way I can remember how they were set up. Problem is I have no access to the mixer controls to change them. I plugged in 2 stereo inputs and one mono. One of the Stereo inputs worked fine and one not at all. The mono was very faint.
Seems, given some sound is getting though, that the problem is not the Firewire connection but rather something in the software. OH and of course I tried playing some audio through the mixer from the MacBook (via the firewire cable) without any problem.
The MacBook finds the RM16 in "sounds" in control panel and 'Studio One (both 3 and 4) find it as a sound card. The only thing that is not finding it is 'Universal Control" Also within Studio One, after selecting the RM and setting up audio channels, the record function will not turn on. Hoping this all is making sense. I'm not the most tech savvy.
I really don't want to have to search for an old router and set up a wireless network just to use the RM16 via the iPad app but it's looking like my only choice atm.
Half wonder if there is some way to roll back the 10.4.4 update on my Mac to 10.4.2 and see if that works.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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by K16yle on Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:15 am
I should roll back as well. The current firmware and iOS app for UC Surface is completely unusable. Bad value encoders. Corrupt scenes. Sticking channel names/colors. Duplicate preset save issues. Plus it just stopped working last week at a wedding and I had to reboot the firmware from scratch at the gig. Unacceptable.
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by kellynkarr on Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:54 am
I have a RML16AI and I have had nothing but problems with it. I have utilized all of the approved firewire cards, cables, and PC settings to no avail. I assume that it was discontinued for a reason. I am tremendously disappointed with this product.
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by wahlerstudios on Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:52 pm
If you're on Facebook, you might have a look at this closed group:

PreSonus RM mixer Owners And Enthusiasts

There are specialists, willing and able to help. "Discontinued" does NOT mean that support has ended. You can also log a ticket in your PreSonus account.

Besides the problems with FireWire, have you got your RML16AI workinhg at all? You can also connect it to a router and use remote control (tablet).

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by lishlash on Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:17 am
Glad to see you're still on these forums, wahlerstudios :)

My RML16Ai + CS18Ai are still working well together over wifi, using a high-power router. I also use UC 3.1 on an Android tablet with no issues. Recently I scored an RM32Ai and AVB switch at could-not-resist prices and started reading up on how to cascade them. Even after reading this thread, though, I'm still not sure about the RM firmware issue. I've had 13731 running on the RML16Ai for a year with no glitches, and firewire lag isn't an issue for me. But are there cascading issues with 13731 that make 9244 a safer choice?

For most shows, I'd want to run the RM32Ai on-stage as the slave, and use the RML16Ai as master at FOH in the sound booth along with the CS18Ai. I saw your post where you discovered how to mirror the slave's analog channels 33-64 as network channels 1-32 on the master, and that seems perfect for running separate stage monitor and FOH mixes:

First use UC on the tablet to run stage monitors from the RM32Ai, mixing down analog channels 33-64 into the Mono and/or Aux outputs. Then use the CS18Ai to run FOH, mixing down network channels 1-32 into the Main stereo output. In other words, a 32-channel digital splitter with selective channel overrides from the RML16Ai in the sound booth. Sound reasonable?

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by wahlerstudios on Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:39 am
Yes, I am here and I will stay... ;-) I have to admit that I have lost a lot of knowledge within one year, especially details. Maybe you remember some names of guys writing here. You find them here now:

PreSonus RM mixer Owners And Enthusiasts

There are two more Facebook groups, but when it comes to RM and CS you may get a lot of responses, but not a lot of knowledge. Go to the specialists group, that's the best recommendation at the moment.

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by samfisher1 on Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:42 am
Just out of interest;

I've just updated to Universal Control v3.3.0.59348 for OSX to run my RM16 AI,

Are people generally running the 13731 firmware yet, or still sticking to 9244?

I'd be curious to know whether the latest version of UC software have made 13731 more stable?

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by michaelwalter on Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:36 pm
Im sticking with 9244, as its the most stable

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