StudioLive RM32Ai and RM16Ai Mixers & UC Surface with QMix Ai
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by stephenbish on Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:54 pm
acfarley you are an ABSOLUTE LEGAND!!!!!!!!
Your blood is worth bottling.
The RM is the centre piece of my small home studio and with one piece of information you have saved my whole setup.
It's main function is multitrack recording, not so much for my solo use but for my trio. Bass player is here tomorrow and we want to send some recordings to the drummer. Also when we have a practice together I can send the other guys recordings without their part. Makes for good practice tracks etc.
ALL is now up and running again.
I had pretty much resigned myself to having to spend $929Aust on an Adante card. I've never used anything other than one Firewire port. The unit was pretty much overkill when I got it but I did because it seemed such good value for money. Quite apart from that, the future of digital recording/mixing. I can not over emphasise just how grateful I am to you for pointing me in the right direction.
Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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by acfarley on Wed May 01, 2019 4:31 pm
Well, I just spent a few hours removing UC Surface and all drivers and prefs as outlined in that link I posted above. I also installed the latest firmware. I also uninstalled Capture and installed the latest version. I’ve done it all as it says to do in that PreSonus link. guess what? Nothing is any better and now I have def lost all my saved scenes and I still have to kill that UCdeamon on every start-up. I’m so dumb, it crossed my mind that I might get a new PreSonus RM mixer, but why would I do that, when this crappy thing is happening and they seem to be ignoring it? Now, I like the IDEA of a PreSonus kind of system, where it’s all paired hardware and software and i like the process they’ve set up to record, mix and master all in the same associated apps. That’s cool. It’s not cool to let something like this happen. I’m only trying to do my own thing with a plan to produce and promote my own band as well as other bands and performers. I don’t see how any pro musicians and producers will be okay with this. If I had shows to do and music to record, and I was losing money and time on this... I’d have a head of steam up and want to destroy whatever was causing me trouble. As it is, I’m very upset and angry. And that does matter, no matter who I am or what level of use I make of the gear, because as I move forward, I’ll have to doubt the reliability of PreSonus gear. What happened to all the talk of ‘battle ready’ PreSonus gear? That’s a joke at this point. Only I don’t think it’s at all funny.

Okay, I opened a Capture file and it loaded up my mixer scene again. Whew. So I saved it and it’s okay. Wasn’t looking forward to re-doing all that. One less thing.
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by acfarley on Thu May 02, 2019 12:31 pm
That UCdeamon definitely belongs to PreSonus. Seems like they could and should fix it.

For now, I’m going to attempt to do an Apple Automator script to run on start-up to kill the UCdeamon. If I’m successful, I’ll share it.
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by acfarley on Thu May 02, 2019 1:30 pm

I’m very happy that anything I did helped you. I actually really like PreSonus so very much. I want to stick with them, even though they seem to go off course now and then. They’re always, well 99%, there and helpful when we need them. That’s pretty good. One thing that happens now and then is that there are som many things that have to do with inputs and outputs that things can easily be overlooked. I suppose that’s to be expected when we are using high end gear like this, that’s designed to be very ‘hands on’. I try to keep that in mind. I get annoyed when things suddenly don’t work because of firmware or other updates, but hey, I’m willing to do whatever workarounds and power through. Thanks for writing to me.

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by wahlerstudios on Fri May 03, 2019 5:51 am
I am reading your posts with interest but I can't really follow any more. What is an UC daemon? I never saw this in my RM/CS times, but I always used and still use a Mac mini and an old OS...

Do you have a chance to involve an older Mac with older OS? This could tell you if the mixer and the option card still work.

There seem to be serious problems with newer Macs and newer OS (Thunderbolt is not FireWire...), but here seems to nobody any more involved in this kind of things. Why not open a ticket and ask PreSonus support?

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by acfarley on Fri May 03, 2019 7:58 am
‘You are going to have to use Activity Monitor to turn off (kill) UCDeamon. That will allow you to connect to FireWire.“

That’s the fix if you’re mixer has problems connecting to FireWire on start up. This is a well known problem at PreSonus. No point opening a ticket for it. I did open a ticket regarding network firmware update not working. All I was told was that network firmware updates aren’t working. So...... we’ve got to use the same USB firmware update procedure as before.

I suppose if you get a solid setup and never upgrade your computer or any software, that will work as long as you computer doesn’t ‘break’ somehow. However, as soon as you get a new computer or update firmware or software, you will probably be faced with some or all of these problems. Good luck.
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by mixerguych on Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:44 pm
I have TWO RM32s in same predicament. TWO RM32ais that cannot connect via firewire to either of my two macs: ones a laptop w/ high Sierra and the other a MacPro on Mojave. Tried all the usual uninstall of UC and reinstall and ucdaemon business...dont even see a uc daemon to quit on macpro w/latest UC. I bought a second RM32 as a backup for live and it astonishes me how hard firewire connectivity is for these dudes. Any hints or tips on this?

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