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Hello knowledgeable friends!

I recently purchased a 2nd IEM transmitter to create a second monitor mix, so I was getting things setup to test out the new unit. I didn't have access to any instruments, but I did run my ipod into channels 15/16 on my RM16ai (as I usually do) and turned up that signal on my new stereo aux send for the new transmitter. At this point all was great and I began to set some basic EQ on the new Aux mix, and, just for fun, i turned up the FX A (simple plate verb) on the ipod channel (don't usually do this) and I heard some reverb come into the in ear mix. The issue came when I turned down the actual ipod channel level on the aux mix and I still heard what sounded like a reverb only signal coming into the ears. The channel send for the ipod was completely turned down on that aux send, but I was still hearing the FX that i put on the channel.
This could be because I do not understand how FX sends work with the AUX send, but I do not know why the FX would still come through even when the channel is turned down. Any explanation or clarification would be helpful. Thanks!
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by Karyn on Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:56 am
The aux sends and FX sends are basically the same things but with different names.

Under normal operation, 15/16 with your iPod would be sent to the mains, controlled by the 15/16 fader.
Aux send taps off the channel and goes to Aux output, controlled by Aux fader.
FX send taps off the channel and goes to FX units, then back to mains.

Listening to the Aux outputs (IEM) you don't hear the FX unless you also "Aux Send" the FX outputs to the Aux output.

Turning down the Aux send on the channel will remove the direct iPod sound from the IEM on the Aux output but does NOT affect the level being sent to the FX, thus you will still hear the FX in the IEM.
This is expected behaviour.


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