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Unscientific Transfer Speed Test

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:51 am
by Lawrence
To get a feel for WiFi audio transfer speed (with my router anyway, re:"unscientific"), I let Capture Duo record it's own click coming out of the iPad speaker to two tracks for 4 minutes, a typical pop song length, and then transferred those two tracks to Studio One while timing it with my iPhone stopwatch. The files were 44.1 / 24 bit.

The transfer took 23 seconds. If I extrapolate from that number to say, 24 tracks (11.5 seconds per track at that sample rate and song length) it comes out to roughly 4.5 minutes, which isn't bad at all considering that you don't have to do anything else but hit a button and go butter a bagel while it transfers.