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Hidden menu? (And a little feature wishlist)

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:21 pm
by fritzroeder
By touch and release the loop area, a horizontal list of commands appears. Touching some of them freezes the app, others are reasonable, most of them i do not really understand what they do. I could not found any documentation addressing these commands. Would be really nice to have a more comprehensive docu rather than just the very basic quick start guide, worth a 11€ App.
In general, S1 support is great, capture for iPad is not :(
Thats a pitty since i use both of the them in conjunction. Capture fore taking audio in the mountain hut, S1 in the studio...
I acknowledge Capture is made just for capturing. Nevertheless a few enhancements would be great:
- crossfade between events
- change gain/volume for event