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I have the opposite problem of the guy below......

When I shut down my computer, every light on the the ibox2 starts blinking red, green, blue. All other interfaces I've owned shut down when the computer shuts down. With this one, I have to unplug the USB from the box to get it to stop blinking, even when the computer is OFF. Then I have to plug it back in every time I want to start a new session.

This can't be normal, right? I understand the box is USB powered, but if there's no power on the comptuer, why is this thing flashing like an x-mas tree?

Yes, I sent a help ticket. The response was "this is how USB powered things work." Not in my experience. So, is my box defective like the other guy posted on this board?

Any one else's box do this???

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by danielsaison on Thu May 27, 2021 10:27 am
I was having trouble with my iTwo Audio interface not being recognized by my computer and also was have the intermittent blinking power light.

I had tried a new cable and also plugged into the wall but they did not work.
I am thinking there was a Windows update that caused the issue. So, I upgraded my Universal Control driver to the latest firmware v1.33.

I had been plugged into a my USB 3.0 hub for the longest time and did not have trouble until today.
I used the same USB cable that has been with the interface but now I plugged into USB 2.
And it works!

Hopefully, this will work for those who are having trouble with this older device. I love mine and would buy it in a second because I use it as an interface with my Ipad. What a fabulous addition that was taken away with the new versions.

Anyways, Cheers!!

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