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Hello everyone, didn't see this issue up here....
i bought the iTwo to run direct to my iPad for some instruction videos. i haven't had any real issues till yesterday. I plugged in the iTwo as I always have and connected my iPad, and once I was done i realized all audio was from iPad mic. I run directly into iMovie and Ive never had any problems. Any thoughts?
if the iTwo came with a trouble shooting guide I would be here...but it doesn't.
The power light is flashing...Im not sure if that should tell me something, however Im not sure if this is a normal thing. Its been a bit since I've used the iTwo...

thanks in advance for the info!


OSX ElCapitan
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by jaylane on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:34 am
Yeah similar problem with my ione. Although I've connected it to the iPad power brick using the original USB cable and use the correct cable from the iPad to the ione it constantly disconnects saying it doesn't have enough power when it's powered from the wall. These audioboxs have gotten worse and worse with it and updates and I'm seriously thinking of selling it as its basically becoming unusable. I think the ios drivers are flaky and Apple don't care. Since ios 11 I've had nothing but issues.

My power light is solid blue and not flashing thus showing as connected. The only thing you could try is a new lightening cable.

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