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Hi folks I'm new to home recording and have purchased the audiobox itwo studio set and from going through the owners manual I am a bit confused as to plugging in electro accoustic guitar! Both my guitars have the battery powered pre amps built in and in the manual it says only plug in instruments that don't have internal pre amps into the instrument socket! So what socket on the itwo does electro accoustic guitars with pre amps go? Would it be in the mic socket and if so then how would I use the mic as well?
Would really appreciate if someone could help me on this and many thanks in advance.
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by henrinagelhout on Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:36 am
You connect it to the 1/4" input and make sure the button with the guitar next to it is set to it's off position (no light).
The "guitar button" activates a preamp for passive guitars.
When your guitar already has a preamp, you do not need the itwo preamp.
In short: The button switches the 1/4" connection between instrument level and line level.

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