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I'm facing an issue with my midi recording, using Yamaha P95 keyboard, audiobox itwo and studio one 3. The problem is that some of the notes I play on my keyboard are not played by studio one when I listen to the recording, even though I can see them in the editing menu. So here is the problem, randomly some notes are missing (which is especially annoying for the bass lines).

I tried different settings (reduce the frequency, size of buffer etc...) but nothing seems to fix the issue.

Do you have an idea where it comes from and how to fix it ?

Sorry for my english...


Dear Alexander,
I recently bought the itwo and I have a yamaha P70 and it shows the same problem:
gets 1 note every 10 seconds and it stays there (No midi off signal apparently).

I've read there are problems with external source clock settings but no-one seems to have tried that solution.

the assistance in Italy told me it is very strange the external clock has anything to do with this problem. They think there could a problem of signal loss. So suggested me to try with a shorter midi cable (I have a 5 mt one).
Did you succeed using the yamaha and itwo ? Otherwise I am thinking of returning the box.

Thanks for feedback
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by terrancejohnson on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:55 am
I have this issue also. Im using the akai advance 49 and the apollo quad. When i playback my sequence S1 will skip some midi notes. I have to convert midi to audio for it to play back correctly :thumbdown:

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