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Getting ready to spend my birthday money on either an iOne or an iTwo.

Issue is, I have a Keith McMillen Softstep, which is USB MIDI.

Just wanted to know if I could just plug all 3 into a USB Hub and have it work.

Plug iOne (using the PC/Mac Power jack), Kieth McMillen Softstep, and iPad into USB hub

Or in order to get this to work, I really need an iTwo and have to buy the Kieth McMillen MIDI expander and a regular MIDI cable.

I just like the idea of plugging the iOne directly to my iPad when I'm just messing around. But want to use the Softstep when playing live.


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by guitartoys on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:20 pm
Well, I went out and bought an iTwo, and am now playing around with it.

I guess my greatest disappointment continues to be with Apple. Man, I just can't stand Apple's philosophy, their way or the highway. They could make everyone's life so much easier without having to deal with their cables and Camera connection, blah. Would be lovely to be able to fully charge the iPad, while using the USB for the iTwo. They make their little HDMI adapter, which lets you play movies via HDMI, while being able to keep the thing charged, but oh no, couldn't do that for USB. Just a separate power connection, what a concept. OK, now that I got that off my chest

While I'm off on a tangent, has anyone just spliced power into an iPad cable, to see what happens? Splice in power from the wall wart to feed the iPad, and just have the data work for the iTwo? (Don't have the power flow back into the iTwo)

I really like the iTwo, it works as expected. However, it doesn't keep the iPad from draining, at least not mine. (I have a model A1430) I don't have any apps running in background and I just turned on Airplane mode to see what happens. But I'm sure it's a slower drain than using the USB camera connector, which doesn't give it any power at all.

Rather than plugging the iTwo into a power supply directly, I plugged it into a powered USB hub and also plugged in my USB MIDI controller. Nope, didn't work. My apps don't see the USB MIDI.

Of course, if I hooked up the iPad to the Camera connection kit, plugged the USB cable into the hub (host connector), and then the iTwo and USB MIDI controller into the hub, everything works. iPad sees the iTwo, as well as my MIDI controller. But of course now there's no way to charge the iPad at all.

Of course, I could just run out and get a Microsoft Surface, and run Amplitube standalone, and plug everything into that. Just can't afford it.

Would be great if there was some way for Presonus to

1) Bump up the current delivery to the iPad through the device. Maybe just use a regular standalone power supply. Standard USB is only designed for 500Ma, where the charger for an iPad is 2.1A

2) Provide the means to allow USB MIDI controllers to be plugged into the iOne/iTwo and pass the MIDI back up the line to the iPad.

The iOne/iTwo are so close to being perfect. I guess I'll get Keith McMillen's MIDI Expander jank to convert their softstep into the old style MIDI cable and use that, and then just charge the iPad between sets.


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by jamiemarvel on Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:07 pm
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