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Hi everyone! I have a studiolive 32s and I'm having a problem with live sound. Basically we have mix 13 set up as our on stage monitor channel. We have one output going to our monitors which are then linked together. The issue we are having is when we mute the main channel, the right main keeps playing as if it is coming off the mix 13 channel. When I unplug that main from the snake all volume shuts off. I have tried different inputs on the snake and resetting the audio routing in the settings on the board. I'm very confused as to why this would be happening. Feel free to ask more specific questions and explain to me how this all works as I am new to this board and sound in general. Thanks!
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by wahlerstudios on Thu Jul 28, 2022 5:23 am
First make sure that cables are plugged in correctly. There are XLR ports for Main (Left, Right) and - if you would use aux 12 instead of aux 13 - a XLR output for your monitor mix. Main L/R will probably be easy to find on the stagebox, aux 13 or 12 will use the return it is plugged into on the mixer side.

This should work - if you use default settings. If it doesn't work, I would recommend a reset of analog patching. You can find the menu in the "Digital Patching Options" (see screenshot).


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