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Our group has been using OnSong for years to launch backing tracks, provide chord charts and lyrics to members, control lighting and to project images for the audience. I currently control our SL 32SC remotely via UC Surface. So, onstage with me are two iPads:. One running OnSong, One running UC Surface.

Now along comes the Show Page in version 5.. and I'm thinking WOW! I really like what I see and the more I play with it, the more I like all the things it can be set it up to do. We do a wide variety of music styles. That means I'm doing a whole lot of "stuff" between songs to get the right effects set up for each instrument. SHOW looks like it could take a giant load off of me while performing.

It be great if I could control both applications from one tablet... but I'm stumped.

I cannot figure out how. or if it's even possible to trigger the play/stop buttons on the SHOW page from OnSong. As I've already mentioned, I am currently able to trigger a multitude of other actions via the timeline function in OnSong.

A few things to note:
I'm an old man (65)
I'm totally ignorant of how midi works (and I think this is a midi thing)
I'm the guy that sets up all the equipment, runs the sound, starts/stops each song and sings lead.
(Usually drive, picks the restaurant. and pay for the meals also.)
I'm the one that gets all the evil looks when things go wrong.
I have several iPads at my disposal.. and I use Windows 10 on the laptop.

So here's what I'm hoping to do.

Hit the PLAY button in OnSong and have it trigger the PLAY button in Studio One SHOW. (The backing track could either reside on the iPad to be played as an AUX in SHOW or, preferably, be included as a PLAYER in SHOW.) Of course I would also need to be able to hit the STOP button.

OnSong is able to send and receive midi (which I've not used because.. I am totally ignorant of how midi works). I've got it stuck in my head that midi is the answer... I just don't know enough about it to even ask the right questions. The more I search, the more confused I get. I told you.. I'm old.

Maybe I'm totally off here and there is simpler way to make these two great programs work together. I'm open for suggestions..

Now, if all that fails, and I have to continue using two iPads to run the show...it would be great if the SHOW page could become part of the Studio One RC app... 'cause I don't want a laptop getting between me and my fans.

Sorry to ramble... Thanks for any suggestions!
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by Steve Carter on Thu Feb 18, 2021 12:08 am
First of all - a disclaimer: I know nothing about ‘On Song’.

However a quick look at the website (which I found to be less than useful in terms of detail) suggests that the Premium and Pro version of On Song offers more in the way of control of other devices, triggers, foot switches and midi etc.

I would look into whether or not using a combination of Studio One Remote and On Song on an iPad is possible but getting them to play nicely together may be a non starter.

That said there might be a way to use a third app to act as a sort of interlocutor such as AUM or similar. There again, I might just be getting into the realms of fantasy here - it happens when I’m just a few weeks short of 65 myself!

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