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We have StudioLive 32.4.2 and use that to mix FOH. We have a computer set up in a separate room (to not be influenced by the live sound when mixing for the stream) and we are using Universal Control on that computer to adjust the levels on one of the monitor channels of our mixer that is used to send to the streaming audio signal.

My question is if there is a way to set up two mixers that are independent but can mix the same incoming signals from all the instruments and vocal so that we can adjust EQ and FX.

My other question is if we don't use two mixers is if there is a way we could do that using Studio One with a fader port mixer.

I should add that we are looking to upgrade to the StudioLive 32S and not sure if that will make it easier or not. Thanks for the assistance.
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by SwitchBack on Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:21 am
Hi and welcome to these forums :)

For a complete answer we need to know a few things:
- that computer, is it a PC or a Mac (and of what year)?
- how is the 32.4.2 connected to the computer?
- what’s the distance between computer and mixer?

Your 32.4.2 can create (as you know) an aux mix for the stream, which is independent from the main mix but for the channel FAT settings. If you want those FAT settings to be independent too then you have to bring each individual mixer channel to the computer and do the mixing there (e.g. in Studio One). That requires a firewire connection between mixer and computer and a compatible firewire interface (card) in the computer. Maximum cable length (officially) is 15 ft although some reported longer cables (up to 30 ft) to be working too. Worth a try.

Series III mixers offer AVB. Cables (CAT5e/CAT6) can be over 300 ft in length but need something ‘AVB compatible’ on the other end too. This can be a second mixer or a stage box or, with some restrictions, a Mac computer. So in addition to all the new Series III mixer features you get more layout freedom too.

Hope that helps for a start :)
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by stephenhaxton1 on Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:24 am
Thank you and that helps. We are currently using a mac mini at the board that is aging at least 5 years old and slow and we are replacing it with a PC this week. It has a 9th generation I5, 16GB Ram. But I think you answered my question there in that we need to replace the board with a series III to be able to run a CAT5e/CAT6 cable to that room and set up a second mixer, which will also need to be a series III I'm guessing.
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by SwitchBack on Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:12 am
The waste not want not option is to get the 32S and four NSB8.8 stage boxes. With the new mixer at FOH and the old mixer, the stage boxes plus 32 patch-cables in the other room you would have your two independent mixers. Then it’s a small step to get another Series III mixer next and use the stage boxes on stage ;)
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by wahlerstudios on Tue Aug 25, 2020 3:04 pm
It doesn't necessarily need a second Series III mixer for what you try to accomplish. The 32S has 16 flex mixes (aux, matrix, subgroup), so if you can use two of them as stereo mix and get the signals to the room with the computer, all you need is a tablet to control the mix. It would make sense to dedicate one of the four effects slots to the livestream mix and you should definitely add two or more ambience microphones to capture audience and room.

As you are using a SL 32.4.2 now, I suppose there is a copper snake between FOH and stage. Are you planning to change this or can you continue to use it? Does it still have enough capacity (especially outputs) when a 32S is used as mixer? If not, you will need to think of getting two NSB 16.8 stageboxes - or a 32R rack mixer, which has two more outputs and could also be used as mixer for events.

Using a AVB network without a dedicated SW5E AVB splitter could be another option. The NSB stageboxes have a single AVB splitter built in, so you could connect all devices in a chain: FOH mixer -> stagebox 1 -> stagebox 2 -> rack mixer livestream. This rack mixer could be a 16R used in monitor mixer or stand alone mode, because all you do is sending a stereo mix from FOH to the rack mixer and use the rack mixer's USB matrix to transfer this mix to the computer.

Alternatively you can add an EarMix 16M and use its physical outputs (line outs -> computer). The EarMix can be a very nice "mixer" with encoders and buttons. Besides the stereo mix there are still 14 more channels which can be routed to the EarMix to feed the livestream.

A matrix mix is the perfect "stereo mix", because it does not only contain Main L/R and the flex mixes, but also all 32 individual channels and the four effect returns. Mostly you would just add a little more speech or vocals and the ambience microphones to the main mix or some more drums. It doesn't always need a complete independend mix, but the option to add a little more of this or that...

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