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Looking for a good Megaphone effect using FX/FAT settings for vocal Mic.
I've try some stuff but not good results.

Sample MP3 is what I'm looing for (used TC-Helicon "V")

Thanks for any suggestions (Need good detail)

Sample Megaphone.mp3
(502.1 KiB) Downloaded 181 times

SL24 s3
NSB 16.8
NSB 8.8
Dell Studio 1558 laptop, 6GB ram
Windows 7-64bit
Capture 2, iPad 2
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by PAE Seth on Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:53 am
Use channel PEQ.

Set the High and Low bands to shelf, not peak, then use them as a band pass filter. Drop the gain on both to -6 or higher, then raise / lower the frequency on each until the signal sounds like an old speaker, or megaphone.

The idea is that you're shaping the EQ to mimic a horn style PA speaker that can only reproduce a limited frequency range (200 - 2k hz, etc).

Some compression may help as well, try the auto setting and just lower the threshold until you get around 3-6 dB (or adjust to taste).

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