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What are the best piano mics for under $500? I have been using 2 Shure SM57 mics but I either am using them wrong, or doing something wrong in Studio One 2. Too much muddled midrange.
I would like to go to the more pro-type mics on a limited budget.
I have found several Hot Deals on Musicians Friend but in a quandry as to which ones would be the best.
It would be better to ask what type of Mic is best. I am old school and been out of the loop several years so am not up on the new tech. There are ribbon, cardoid, condenser, etc., and do not know which would be best for under 500.

I have an HP Compaq 6005 Pro x64-based PC. Processor is an AMD Athlon II x2, 3,000Mhz, 2 core, 2 logical processors. I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit. 4gb RAM, 1TB Seagate main HDD, 1TB Seagate internal drive that I use for mixdowns only.
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by SwitchBack on Mon Jul 09, 2018 5:20 am
I’d go for a pair of condensers with a flat frequency response down to at least 30Hz. There’s quite a few good ones around that don’t break the bank :)

Had a quick look and the Rode NT5 comes as a matched pair, well within your budget.

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