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How to mic a Leslie in a Small Studio
Hello all:

I’ve been away from the forum a while with my dumb questions, but I’m back.
I’ve just purchased a small Leslie for my Hammond Sk1-73. I have absolutely no experience in how to mic this cabinet: Up until now I’ve just been using the digital Leslie on the Hammond which sounds pretty authentic, however I’m sure the external cabinet will sound better if I can find a way to mic it into my interface.

I’m working in a very small bedroom studio, so my big concern is going to be feedback. My rack consists of the Hammond SK1-73, which is connect to a Korg 88 that I’m using for the lower manual, via MIDI cable and a Roland JD-XI Synth connected to an old Yamaha that I’m using mostly just for the bigger keys. Then my midi controller via USB to the interface. I also have another 88 key digital piano on the rack that I’m only using externally for the weighted keys. All six keyboards are going into my Scarlet 18i8 interface. I’m coming out of the interface into my sub then into four studio monitors.

The Leslie does not have a line out, so I will probably just use a TRS splitter to connect the cabinet to my sub, or maybe just to the last monitor since it is only mono. I’m recording in stereo and all of the keyboards are stereo into the interface and out to the monitors but the Leslie Cab will be mono. I’m using Studio One Artist.

I know I’m going to need to buy some better mics. For now I only have two large diaphragm condenser mics. I’m not really a singer and have mostly just been using those two mics for acoustic guitars, but not sure how the large condenser mics will work for this. I’m sure I will need something more directional, but I’m on a tight budget and will have to make do with what I have for a while.

Because this little Leslie does not use the 11 pin jack, which I understand shuts off the internal Leslie when connected. The inputs are just ¼’ guitar jacks I may be able to use both the External Cabinet alongside the internal one controlling rotor speed with separate expression pedals. I’m just wondering how or if it is even possible to mic this external cabinet into my interface in the small space with what I have. I’m sure this is pretty basic stuff for most of you, but as a rank amateur and hobbyist, I will appreciate any feedback

Here's a link where you can see my setup: Leslie will be in the upper right corner where the guitar stand is.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doGQs2F ... z16rjD6Be4

Windows 7 64 bit Quad Core
Win 10 64 bit
Studio One Artist
Scarlet 1i2
AudioBox USB
Oxygen 25 Midi Controller
Yamaha PSR 72 Keyboard
Roland JDXI Synth
Williams Legato 88 key Digital Piano
Korg Digital Piano
Hammond SK173
Schecter C-1 Platnum
Fender Strat
Washburn 6-string acoustic
Washbur 12 string acoustic
Epiphone Roundneck Dobro
Gretsch Squarneck Dobro
Deering 5-string banjo
Rogue Mandolin
Mountain Dulcimer
Yamaha Violin
Peavey Powerslide lap steel
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by PAE Seth on Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:26 am
I've mic'd the typical large framed Leslie's before. Usually requires around 3 mics (two on the upper body, one on the lower body).

If you post some pictures of the unit, I could make some suggestions.

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