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Hello Community Member and Presonus Customer

Announcing Community Based Training

As part of the shift to a community run forum, the Presonus Community Forum Administrators are happy to announce a new resource for learning how to best use PreSonus products. The recently cleaned up Community University has a new set of sub-forums named "Community Based Training" which will provide a broad stroke catalog of publicly available training with primary organization by customer experience level.

The intent is for you and the community, to grow this resource. Many of the resources and services that currently create useful information for you have already been enlisted in this effort. However, the community needs your help too by giving feedback and supplying free public sources.

Getting Started

This training resource has been seeded with over one hundred public training videos that still have valid information. Some of the material is from previous versions of the product but is still appropriate for the current releases. Some of the resources support fundamental skills that the new user will find helpful.

Each sub-forum (Live Sound, Studio Recording, Notation) has a Feedback and Request area for you to post your input. Any training that is still valid and meant to improve the end-user’s use of Presonus products is valid. For example; videos, animated GIFs, PDF guides, and step by step procedures.

The Sub forums are intentionally aimed at customer focus areas in broad experience levels. In the beginning, it will require using local search or browsing for key words. As we see where the community takes this resource, future cataloging or indexing will be considered.

Thanks in advance and we are looking forward to your help!

Community Admins

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