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I have a StudioLive 16.0.2 that seems to be dying. I need to weigh repair options against replacement. Replacing it with a new 16.0.2 seems to cost more than what I paid originally, which doesn't seem right for technology several years old.

What other boards have:

1) at least 12 mic preamps with phantom
2) record at least 12 channels pre-fader to computer or SD card
3) remote control (to be able to mix from FOH using an iPad)
4) EQ, compressor, and noise gate on each channel (noise gate not essential, but I just did an outdoor gig in the wind where it was really nice).
5) Save scenes and recall them including faders (don't need motorized faders, the "locate" function in the 16.0.2 works well for me.)

I thought Mackie had something, but can't find anything, the Onyxs don't have noise gates. I'm considering the StudioLive Ai or version 3, but they are quite expensive.

(If I'm willing to forgoe physical faders the the Behringer X Air XR18 or QSC Toucmix-16 might work, the touchmix can supposedly record every channel without needing a computer. But I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my faders and knobs.)
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by sjc193 on Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:32 pm
I can recommend the RM16, I have a rm32 and it's been far more sturdy and reliable than my old classic 16.4.2 (which went to the shop 3 times, still rolling at the local bar who bought it though). Not a lot of hardware issues reported either. The old ones (no line inputs) may be fairly cheap.

The RM sounds even better and has everything! 4 fully parametric eq's per channel, much higher level than the 16.0.2. And you already have everything you need to make it work.

Any questions ask away


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by wahlerstudios on Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:09 pm
The legacy SL 16.0.2 has been a unique product for many years and it is still sold everywhere. And PreSonus is interested to keep this product alive: Universal Control 1.7.5 for PC is in public beta testing now. But of course the SL 16.0.2 has got "old" in many ways and indeed, there are alternatives. It's always good to know what is available on the market. There are not too many available with faders and some mixers are sold under different names or brands, so don't get confused. ;-)

Several faders/layers:

One fader:

It really would be great if PreSonus would release a Series III StudioLive 8 or StudioLive 12. The SL 16.0.2 has deserved its retirement.

One remark about the RM/RML16AI: If you need faders, just add a CS18AI controller. One day an iPad is enough for the mix, the other day you need faders - I really enjoy the flexibility of this expandable system. I don't want a "mixing board" any longer.

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by samfisher1 on Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:12 am
I'd second the recommendation of the RM16. I'm delighted with mine. I did look at some cheaper alternatives but am so glad I paid the extra as the RM features still come into their own. I actually find that I am using at least 8 of the digital channels at most gigs - this is because I'm utilising the midi io capability of another interface, and running it through Main Stage. It means that I can set up the midi keyboar patches as separate channels.

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