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OK hello FOH people! I normally frequent the recording side of these forums ;-)

I've been called up to do the sound for party (much against my will). I'm ill equipped and it has been years since I've done this sort of stuff - however I'm stuffed and committed so!!

Looking for some guidance - no gear as such at all.

I've hired a JBL EON615 active pair. No sub.

This is a 50th birthday party, a young band (14/15yo). They have OK amps (Marshall Code, and Layney) but quite low power - no idea what the bassist has - but they're usually just big and boomy!

I have a 12 channel mixer with some basic digital FX but not much else (certainly not Presonus)

So - I'm I'm planning on using a Peavey 80w Keys amp for foldback for the singer - I have no other foldback monitors. This is my personal amp and at least is full range.

And sorry - if this seems a bit amateur! But this is what I think a lot of this quietly on this group face!!! So come on professionals - don't give us a hard-time - help us not to not totally embarrass ourselves ;=)

My dynamic vocal mics are SM58s (both of them). So all good there.

I've not had to mic up live amps in 30 years so short on dynamics and went out today A/B'd Sure SM57 versus Behringer Knock-offs - I can barely tell the difference but for instrument cabs I'm not going to worry. - 1/3 the price wins :-) So the Behringer's will star on Saturday!!!

Not going to mic the drumkit - if at all I'll use a PG52 on the kick to get that chest thump.

I hired a gigbar for the night which looks pretty cool !!! Otherwise we're talking fluro strip lighting!


OK any advice people. This is the first FOH sound I've done in almost 30 years and the JBL active PA I've got seems to out do the passive stuff I'd usually have gone for,

Would appreciate some suggestions on how people deal with a stage-left mixing position!! I usually spend a lot of my time walking backwards and forwards from my desk to the dancefloor!

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by matthewseymour on Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:16 am
Personally I would aim for a reasonable balance using the backline alone, then reinforce this as required. Consider the PA system to be vocals and a little light reinforcement. Don't try and put bass through there at all with no sub.
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by samfisher1 on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:59 am
My guts tell me that the band's low-power amps could well save the day here. My experience of younger bands is that exuberance often rules over sensitivity. Usually an inexperienced singer is drowned out by an over-loud stage sound - which could give you problems anyway. It can work to balance the sound using backline but the whole band has to be mutually sensitive. There's usually at least one ego.

I'd aim to keep stage sound low, without killing the feeling, and push as much as possible through the FOH speakers. You can then fill in the stage sound with the foldback, but at a level you control and one that will help the vocals sit on top. Might be worth attempting to ring out the foldback with a bit of EQ if you can.

You'd probably be better off with a sub, but if the venue isn't huge I reckon you'd get away with pushing the bass through FOH too.

I wouldn't worry about your stage left positioning. Just walk around a bit. I'm assuming you're probably panning guitars but everything else will be pretty central - given that you're not micing most of the drums either. I would definitely aim to mic the kick. I don't have the stage- left problem since getting my RM16 and UC :-).

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by Tuoni64 on Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:29 am
Hey thanks all,

Sorry for the late reply. The gig went well - got a lot of comments about how the sound was good! This comes from the kid's parents who are a hard crowd to please ;-)

Thanks for all the advice in here. I did rely on back-line mostly, they had some pretty cool (but very small amps - I last ran PAs in the 80s and I'm sure the amps were bigger). The lead guitarist had a Marshall Code (never heard of it) but boy did it make a noise ;-)

I ended up putting a mic on the kick (Shure kick mic in the port) just to get some chest thump - nothing else was needed though. The drummer who was tiny (13 yo) had really good Zildjan cymbals and hats so no high end needed.

The biggest problems for me were (and I"m sure you all know how to deal with them but it caused my a lot of grief).

1) Bass guitar (who was also the lead singer) resonating and causing low feedback/rumble. In the end I turned him down and also put him (DI) through the PA having also sat the amp on acoustic pads.

2) A record player! (I specifically don't use the term deck). This was an old home player (Akai) going into a phono amp (for the RIA curve) then out of rec lines into the PA - this was a vinyl party and apart from dealing with the smaller dynamic/freq range of vinyl I also found that I was getting feedback from the deck when pushing it same as any mic (transducer). That I wasn't anticipating. Wasn't helped by the dancefloor being super-springy and causing the records to jump!.

Still all in all a good show, I enjoyed it, got a lot of good feedback and a few people asked my my prices - so who knows I may just invest in a small setup and go out there again ;-)

Thanks to the people who replied!



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by klypeman on Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:07 am
Hey did'nt see this before too late...
I'm happy it went well, the bass can be the culprit sometimes and mostly I turn the offender a bit down in the mix Main around 100-200 Hz if possible as it is sometimes muddy and not really that useful. (say that to a ragga player) :) if there is no GEQ I have to do it on the track when needed.
My 2 cents.

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