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UC Surface 2.0.2 Smaart Go Remote?

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:04 am
by Friedhelm

thanks to you presonus guys for releasing the UC 2.0.2.
The GR Meters on my ipad work fine again.
On my macbook i reinstalled the 1.8 after the new version does not work as it should: connection over firewire works, but sometimes changes do not transfer to the mixer...
Great to read in the releas notes that Smaart is available for ipad now.
Sadly i could not get a Smaart connection on my ipad although i activated the sync select in the ipad an ran a computer via Firewire
What is the exact way to get Smaart Go Remote working?
Do i have to install the latest UC on my macbook as well or can i use the older 1.8 version?

THX :thumbup:

Re: UC Surface 2.0.2 Smaart Go Remote?

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:26 am
by wahlerstudios
There are two "Smaarts":

1) Smaart Wizard Go Remote (Control your Smaart Room Wizards remotely from UC Surface on the iPad)

2) Smaart RTA and Spectrograph on network clients (As long as a computer is connected via FireWire)

UC 2.0.2 brought the Remote Wizard (1) back to the AI family, but RTA on iPad (2) is still not in sight. And we got the "Meter dBFS Scale Markings" back, which somehow got lost with UC 2.0.1 ...

UC 1.8.0 is needed only on the computer with FireWire. The iPads can use UC 2.0.x and as long as the firmware version is identical, they will work together without problems. But functions like "sync select" or coloring channels of course are not shared.

Actually there should be no problem in the communication between mixer and computer/UC Surface based on FireWire. But this is a new field of "investigations". There are more and more users (FireWire addicts...) downgrading UC Surface and we need to get to know the problems which seem to arise in this procedure.

So for anyone who reads this thread:


Re: UC Surface 2.0.2 Smaart Go Remote?

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:19 am
by Friedhelm
Thank You!

i would have prefered to have spectrum analyzers on my ipad instead the Smaart Wizards, but i will be patient...
Smaart wizard remote doesn´t work in my setup (UC2.0.2 on ipad/ UC on macbook):
i have to activate the Wizard on my laptop (which is not very practical), then the ipad greys out and says i"the mixer is undergoing Smaart Configuration. Pleas wait", nothing else happens then.
But no problem for me, i tend not to use any of the smaart wizards...

anyway i don´t want to complain: my RM 16 is an excellent system that works really good as it is.
Anything beyond is nice but not necessary for me to say it was worth the purchase.

the only downside is the fact ther is no big FOH zone to stand in and look important :lol: