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I'm a bit confused on finding the write interface. I was going with a Scarlett 2i2, but as a recent Presonus user I'd love to use one of the Presonus products if there is a good fit.

I need an interface that would:
1. Record direct from board
2. Allow output channel for playing media at the same time (not just direct monitor)

I'm running an Allen and Heath GL2400 currently. The manual with output details is here: http://www.allen-heath.com/media/gl2400ug_ap5597_2.pdf

I want to make sure the interface I get can correctly handle the output from the board, as well as send a separate out for mp3/presentation media.

I was considering the AudioBox iOne, but want to check with the pros first as I'm a bit unclear on correctly matching the output/input levels

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