Discuss Live Sound Situations here. Product Specific questions or posts may be moved to product centric subforums.
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At the request of the Product Managers, all feature requests and comments for feature requests are now hosted at:


The Feature Request area allows for voting of entries by other participants in the discussion.

Make sure to search for existing feature requests and vote on them.

We did not move anything from the forum to answers, we ask that the original posters, please repost your feature request there if it has not already been asked, be sure to link back to your forum post if needed for additional information.

We do ask to please do a search before posting. If it exists, then vote for it and add any additional information you feel is needed.

Most importantly, vote on everything you see. Up or Down. The developers and product designers need to know what you're most interested in. You can only vote once, and you can change your vote if you change your mind.

To see which Feature Request are the hottest, please do the following:

Click on Questions first in the title menu, then click the category "StudioLive Feature Requests"

There are then sub categories that can be selected below the main header menu for further refinement including: Recent, Hot!, Most votes, Most answers, and Most views.

Leave supporting comments under the issues you are voting for.

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