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NOTE: For Studio One and Notion support: :
Studio One Artist Producer, Professional and Notion products support is provided by email only.
1) Please submit a support ticket at http://my.presonus.com/profile.
2) Select Support from the top menu in your account and create a support ticket.
If you are logged in, http://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Speak with Data, Not Opinions
As a customer of Presonus, I know it is easy to become frustrated about a new or existing issue that may only affect me or a relatively small group of customers.

It does not help you to post threads like "Version X.0 is flaky", "the new release is buggy", "Did they forget to test this software?" It does not help to post in long discussion threads "me too"
Emotions, opinions or even coalitions do not fix an issue.

The quickest way to remedy an issue is to demonstrate it to the software developer so that they can correct the unwanted behavior. It does not matter if you take the Support Ticket, or Community Support route to communicate your issue. Both will need proof.

Just the Facts

Your specs:
Your specific setup is often important to confirm the issue.
• OS: Many issues are only found on either Mac or Windows
• OS: version: Many issues are only found on a particular version
• CPU: Important for issue of performance
• Memory size: Important for resource issues
• Version of the Presonus product: For obvious reasons
95% of the time this is sufficient: Win 10, i5700, 16 Gig, Presonus product X V.Z
To add your software and hardware specs to your signature to make it easier for us to help you, click HERE.

The Issue:
Post a separate thread with a concise description of the issue. Community support is preferred but not required. It may be the community that will help you be more precise or confirm your issue. Once the issue has been confirmed any Presonus employee or moderator can/will document the issue for the developers.

Expected behavior: One concise sentence.
o Poor example: "It does not work right"
o Good Example: " When I move track X above track Y, I expect Z to happen."

Actual behavior: One concise sentence.
o Poor example: "It does not work right"
o Good Example: When I move track X above track Y, It crashes"

Steps to reproduce: One action/command per line.
o Poor example: My song that use to work, doesn't work anymore. I have songs that work on DAW X , Y and Z. I am working along and after a while, it does something I don't like."
o Good Example:
1. Start a new song with two test audio tracks.
2. Put them in a folder. (by right mouse click back to folder command)
3. Close the folder
4. Add another audio track below the folder
5. Drag the that audio track above the closed folder and X happens.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words
Take the time to install and used one of these tools and you will greatly accelerate the time to address your issue: Posting pictures
Here are a few helpful documentation links:
• Animated GIF tool http://www.screentogif.com/
• You will need a server to put your animated GIF’s on https://www.dropbox.com/install or http://www.google.com/drive/
• If you are on Win 10 you can get a FREE Video Screen capture tool form the Windows App Store called "Gambar" . It records the screen and sound.
• Windows 7-10 support a built-in application PSR.exe that is a FREE step recorder, and it grabs snapshots of your screen every time you click the mouse along with details about you versions etc.
• OBS is a free screen recorder for both Mac and Windows. https://obsproject.com/

To take pictures of the screen on Mac:
-Shift+Command+3 (Whole Screen)
-Shift+Command+4 (cropped Screen)
-Shift+Command+4+Spacebar (click to select window)
The last one is useful for taking a screenshot of a plugin, (for example) of just a plugin, or to crop a picture.
There is currently a limit of 800 x 600 for Mac users.

But My Issue is Still There
• For various reasons, it may take more than one release cycle to fix the issue. A friendly reminder to your concise issue report is sufficient.
• It may not be an issue with a PreSonus product. No amount of complaining to PreSonus will help you. Address your concerns with the other vendors involved in your issue.
• It may not be a wrong behavior but is in fact by design. You may not like this design so please add a feature request in the Answers database.

Helpful links:
Support: http://support.presonus.com/home
Presonus Answers
Formal Feature Requests

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