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When opening V2 Projects in V3 Presence XT is used instead of Presence (legacy). This results in a different sound for some presets. Sometimes the difference is small, sometimes huge (especially when you customized the presets using very short attack/decay times).

For me, this means a loss of trust in this piece of software.

Migrating my old projects manually by tweaking around with the settings until the original sound is reconstructed is no option for me, because it were completely unnecessary if backward compatibility had been preserved.

I understand that Presonus wants NEW customers not to use the legacy Presence.
I also understand that 100% backward compatibility is a very hard job to realize when you completely re-implement a piece of software.
But please, Presonus, understand that 100% backward sound-compatibility is crucial from the user's perspective and extremely relevant for the long time success of a DAW (or any sound processing software).

I can accept changes in the look and feel of a Plug-In, but NOT the sound.

To come to the point:

Please bring back legacy Presence - in whatever form!
Maybe as separately installable Plug-In, if you don't want your new customers to use it accidentally.
And make sure the V2 projects use it, when they are opened.

PS: Besides this one issue I like the V3 upgrade very much and I think it's going into the right direction.
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by Jemusic on Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:52 pm
Dont agree at all. The reason is that firstly the new Presence XT has a newly developed sound engine so that can only be better not worse.

The fact of the matter is that there is only a short period of time where you are merging V2 projects over to V3. And while you are doing this and it will only be for one or two things at most so yes go in and fine tune your Presence sounds accordingly. You may even find the new Presence XT sounds better with the same patch.

Then after that you will start and finish every projcet in V3 so your request is all moot anyway. I have not used for example V2 since V3 came out. I am on it totally and it has been perfect for me.

You are better off finishing projects in V2 and putting them to bed.

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by derVodi on Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:44 am
I spent hundrets of hours in tweaking Presence Sounds in my songs. None of them can be 'put to bed' since they're used as playback tracks in my live band.I don't want to freeze tracks in order to make quick corrections during rehearsal sessions. Also, I am not going to spend another (superfluous) hundret hours just to manually migrate the songs to V3.

What makes me angry is that lag of quality consciousness when creating a synth that can load legacy sounds, but in such an insufficient way. Instead of impIementing a half baked pseudo compability, it would have been better to make a clear cut between Presence and XT.

In order to demonstrate the incompabilities in detail, I made this video:

It also demonstrates that is sometimes impossible to reconstruct the original sound, because the envelopes just won't do (especially release time).

Just to tie similar threads together:

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