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Its about time...

...we valued existence and everything it has bestowed upon us.

Its About Time...

An original solo vocal song from RaSam Creations, my music and multi-media workstation.
Lyrics and vocals by yours truly 🙏🏼
Music composition, arrangement, production, mixing & mastering, and video creation & editing at RaSam Creations.
Listening on a good pair of earphones/headphones is recommended 🙂

Comments and words of wisdom are truly welcome.

And yes... you may please do share and spread the below song link like wild fire... and all the positivity you can to go along with it.

Youtube link of song below 👇🏼

My Bandcamp page

Studio One 4 Professional, Sonar Platinum ∞, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Bitwig Studio, Nuendo 10, NI Komplete 12
HP Envy Core i7-4700 Quadcore touchscreen laptop, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 64-bit
Roland Octacapture, Mackie CR-4BT, Zoom H6, Casio MZ-X500, Nektar Impact LX25+, Novation Launchpad Mini mk2, KRK KNS-8400, AKG P120, Shure SM-57LC

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