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Hello everyone. Got myself a new guitar! Ormsby Hyper GTR 8!
Here is a rough version of my new song. I am curious what you guys think about it. I know it is a lot of low string playing but you will see why when you hear the full EP ;) Is the structure ok? is there any major flaws in mixing? The bass is what troubles me again.. :/

There is some balance things that will be sorted out with the guitars.
Thanks in advance :thumbup: :reading:

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by scottyo7 on Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:16 pm
I think it sounds good for a sketch. ;)
As you fill it in and apply EQ, I'd think this will be on par with your other stuff.

The piano parts and that sound work and are nice.
The sections of 0:50-1:40 and 2:13-3:35 are too monotonous as is for me but I'd guess you'll add some more short riffs or piano parts there?

If you don't add, you'll be limiting your audience to just instrumental Neo-Classical, Symphonic Rock enthusiasts. An engaging melody or (if you can find) a singer would do wonders.

The ending section is quite cool. 8-)

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by Bbd on Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:10 pm
Always like your playing and stype.
I think the kick is too soft. I feel it more than hear it. There could be some cleanup in the 250-400 hz range like reducing some of that on the bass. The mids are good. Don't know about the hi's yet. The guitar sounds great.


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