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I have respectively an SL 24 III, an SL24R III (monitor / feedback mode), two Stagebox 8 and 16, an EarMix 16 and two SW5E for the PoE network. Everything that is audio goes to SW5E (port 1 links the two).

The two control RJ45s go to a Gygabyte TP-Link LAN router. The control is done either by an iMac under Catalina or an iPad 2019.

Despite many attempts, I can't:
- Update the firmware of SL24RIII and especially SW5E. The message returned on the iMac is "image cannot be read"(thé file is an img file, not a zip file)
- The SW5E all have the yellow LED of the busy link active, nothing is lit on the side of the AVB stream (blue LED. So I do not have an AVB network while I have all the components and the Cat6 links.

I followed all the Presonus tutorials, nothing works on a network.

Thank you for helping me and cordially!

PS: for firmware upgrades, only one element is connected to the iMac
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by wahlerstudios on Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:16 am
Hi, and welcome to the Forum! You have read it right, each machine has to be updated separate and individually. NOTHING else can be connected, when you update the machines. That said, SL 24 and 24R are unproblematical. You can update them online via UC Surface. For the EarMix you need to load the upgrade file to your computer, connect EarMix and computer directly and start UC Surface. The rest goes automatic and very easy.

I can't say how this works with the NSB stageboxes, but I suppose the procedure is similar to the EarMixers. The SW5E is a beast. It also needs the file on the computer. You will need to follow the description precisely, then it will work.

I'd recommend reading this document from the Knowledge Base. It contains several links to more updated documents and replaces some of the elder documentation.

StudioLive Series III 2.2 Firmware Update - Universal Control Version 3.2 - (EcoSystem 3.0 Release) [Published Feb 25, 2020] ... 0-Release-

Hope this helps.

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