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Hi All,

I suspect this has been asked a thousand times before, apologies, but I'm struggling to find clear up-to-date info.(2019!)

I have a 16:4:2 Classic, NOT the AI version. I was genuinely excited to discover the SL remote feature only last week, and that finally I can control my desk via a laptop, with my iPad! HOORAY!!!

SO, off I went home to have a play - I'm running a MacBook Pro on Sierra, installed all the latest SL softwares on Ipad and laptop.

Set up an ad-hoc network between ipad and laptop - no joy - tons of fafing later still no joy. Ended up connecting via my Sky Wi-Fi router - worked perfectly. Then I discovered that from Mavericks onwards SL remote etc. don't seem to like Apple ad-hoc networks, so I'll need to buy a wireless router to use at gigs.

So, to my question. Any UK guys done this and had any success with any particular routers? I'm keen to get one that doesn't winge if there's no network connection - as clearly there won't be, I just want iPad to talk to laptop and possibly one other device.

I assume what I'm effectively doing is creating an access point, as such would one of these work: ... pd-mi-alte

Appreciate any guidance from those who have already done this!

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