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Just wondering....

I was planning on eventually setting up Ethernet cables around the house so I can use other rooms for recording and then get one NSB unit that I can move around. But I was not sure if I would need to shut everything down to unplug - move to another room - then plug back in.

I guess the safest process might be to: save the scene in the StudioLive, unlink the NSB from the board using the Stagebox screen in the Audio Routing area, move the NSB, relink the NSB, then finally reload the scene.

Do the NSB units need to be powered down before you connect/disconnect the AVB connections or are they "hot swappable?"


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by Trucky on Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:12 am
I'd recommend powering the NSB down before moving to another room in your house. In my testing everything worked fine providing each location was on the same router/switch.

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