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While I'm not a networking whiz, I'm pretty well versed in this stuff and I swear I can't figure this thing out...

I'm trying to use this unit as wireless router with my RM32 so that the guys in the band can control their in-ear mixes the way I do with the SL16s out on gigs.

With my "travel" router (I'm sorry, I don't remember the model) I literally took it out of the box on a gig, plugged it in and started using it. There was no configuration until later when I got home and changed passwords, etc.

This thing, however, no matter what "mode" I put it in, or what I turn on or off, brings up a "login" screen on my ipads or ipods after I connect to it. It balks that there is no internet connection and then my device connects to the other router in the house with an internet connection.

I know this is a stretch, but does anyone have any experience with this unit that can tell me what the magic settings are... or tell me it's garbage and to move on (which is my next step, by the way.)

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by sjc193 on Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:19 pm
I have had the same issue with my ASUS router (see sig for exact model number)

A web site comes up wanting a user name and password for which I can't remember what it is because I set this up 5 years ago. (I may have never made one)

The key to getting through the issue is to just keep entering a wrong password (pretty sure I just leave it blank) 3 or 4 times in a row (or more). Eventually an iPhone driven message box will come up asking you if you'd like to use this network "without the internet", select that and the phone will then actually connect to the router and all is good. Also, this should not happen again for that phone once you get it working. As long as they don't delete that Network connection from their phone.

I very rarely have anyone using QMIX with my system, so I don't run into this often. I do have an extra phone in case I have someone who wants it and knows what they're doing (rare) and I have already got it connected properly.

If someone has their own phone to connect, I will usually ask them to let me dork with it for a while (because it's such a PITA I don't want them to have to deal with) and like I said I will just keep trying until I get that button/message in red saying "Use Without Internet", tap it, then all is good. I never actually log into the router like it seems to want you to do.

I am not sure how to actually change the settings so that this doesn't happen anymore, whether that be in the router or in the phone (not sure). But I do seem to be able to get around it every time. (After a bit of frustration I'll admit)

Same deal with iPads.


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