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Still using my non-pro (original). Still working great. Never failed...

There... I've done it now..


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by Friedhelm on Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:43 am
same here in germany: non pro version running rock solid!

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by ChrisJohn50 on Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:57 pm
Hi there, yes I took a chance on this router and ordered one from Thomann in Germany.
Has been excellent, and I endorse Karyn’s comments already posted.

Although I have an older Presonus 24.4.4 mixer, I’m using this router with a Yamaha TF Rack mixer. The router has never caused a problem. A big improvement on consumer type routers I’d used in the past.
The fact it is designed to mount in a rack case is a very tidy, and a big plus.

We also used the same router to send wirelessly to our projectors, and thus far this has caused no problems for us.

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by bubbaguth on Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:18 pm
Unfortunately, something is going on with the availability of these units. I recently bought a second StageRouter and another Extender (another gem) because they appear to be all discontinued now so I got them while I could. It looks like the StageRouter is no longer available at this time.

I contacted NowSonic because neither of these products are available on their website but they still sent me the latest firmware. They stated that the reason they were not listed was :

New regulations by the European Union regarding wireless systems in general, currently force us to update the accessories and product description of our Stage Router range. The products will go online again as soon as everything is resolved.

I guess only time will tell but it's been quite awhile now and I don't think it looks good. It is so unfortunate when a great product goes away. I remember when I used to have wi-fi issues and how frustrated I was...I have done hundreds of shows with these units in every type of environment and they are simply outstanding units and perform flawlessly. Too bad more people didn't know about them or were willing to step up and pay a bit more...I guess I got mine and I am happy for that. Built like a tank so I am expecting it last years.

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