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I just sent a misbehaving Dante-Mix card back to Presonus for repair. I have taken the Dante-Mix out of my RM16 and put it in my SL2442AI. But the card still thinks it is in the RM16, showing 32 inputs and the wrong Auxes and Outputs.

How do I get it to recognize that it is in an SL2442AI instead of an RM16. I did a full factory firmware reset on the 2442. turned off the board, installed the Dante card, power cycled the board, but the card didn't change. I guess I can keep it in the RM16, no emergency jobs coming up til next month, but it would be a great thing to know how to do this for the future. . . .if it can be done. When the cards were fresh out of the box, they learned which device they were in. Can I teach an old card new tricks.

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by Karyn on Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:52 am
The cards don't recognise what they're plugged into, you load a small file onto them that configures the names and number of inputs/outputs.
You need the update utility and the specific identity file (I can't remember what its called...) which are both available in your account somewhere.... (or at least links to them)


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