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I currently use the AVB card in the RM16 going into a MOTU AVB Switch in my rack which has an Apple Airport Express plugged into the LAN port acting as a DHCP Server and WAP for iPad, iPhone etc. and a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air wired into one of the other ports.

If I decided to go down the Dante road and change the card in the RM to Dante could I continue to use the MOTU AVB Switch as a normal network switch passing the Dante protocol?

It would appear this would be the case as I believe the MOTU acts as a normal Gigabit switch but has anyone actually tried it?

I was loathe to pose the question to MOTU because I would not be using AVB but a competing format in Dante but I did in the end.

The response I got back was they confirm it is a Gigabit class switch but using it with Dante is not a scenario they have tested so are unable to officially support it which was almost expected due to the reason given above.

I don't want to purchase yet another switch if I can help it as I am hoping to use the existing MOTU which is already fitted to a shelf in a 3U Gator case along with APC SmartUPS, DBX DriveRack PA2 (being replaced by a Lexicon MX400) two Shure GLXD Wireless receivers, Apple Airport Express using 5GHz and a 7-Way 1U PDU to finish it all off!

Short of buying a Dante card for the mixer and trying it myself has anybody else had any experience with this?

Thanks & kind regards,

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by roblof on Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:20 am
If it weren't working with dante that is based on standard ethernet protocols then their avb-switch wouldn't comply with standard voip protocols and other standard ethernet protocols either.

If this Is true then buying that switch should not be on anyones buying list!

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by matthewseymour on Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:20 am
In Dante land the motu AVB switch is just a very expensive gigabit switch.

To be honest though if I didn't need the AVB capability, I'd sell it and buy something else. For a small dante network you can get away with a cheap, unmanaged, gigabit switch. No need for QOS until you're sharing the network with other traffic as well and things are getting saturated.

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