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So I can't get the software to recognize my new Dante card. Using Dante Firmware Update Manager the first screen that pops up asks to select the network interface from a drop down menu. According to screen shots I should be able to select 'Ethernet" all I get is "en0". The first time I got, "en0" and "en1", now its just "en0". I've reinstalled the latest RM firmware and then plugged in the new dante card and I continue to get this problem. Dante Controller does see the RM mixer, but I can't get the Firmware update manager to install the RM specific software. I'm not using a switch. I'm going directly from my mac to the device. I've uninstalled the software on the mac and reinstalled. I know I'm not an idiot. Anyone have advice?
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by randygo on Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:47 pm
You've probably got this working now, but here is what I experienced.

I received my SL-DANTE-MIX card today and installed it in my 24.4.2 AI. I initially connected it to my laptop with a direct connection using Cat5e cable. The update manager found the device, but the firmware update failed.

Once I reconnected through my ethernet switch the update succeeded. So, it seems that a switch is required for the firmware update to work.


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by scottproaudio on Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:29 pm
Hi guys, when you first install your Dante Mix card you need to connect through your managed switch then go Next through the Network Interface selection, Hit Update software on the next screen then make sure you select Override Device Matching. Next select your mixers Dante update file and your mixer should appear. Click the box at the left of your mixer's description and update it. I was confused at first too.

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