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I am planning to use an RM32 to serve as a stage box for a StudioLive 32 via Dante. Obviously the RM32 will receive analog inputs and serve them up to the dante network to be accessed by the StudioLive 32. What will happen if play a digital feed into a RM32 channel via firewire? Will the channel be served to dante?
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by matthewgorman on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:43 pm
Taking an educated guess, but i dont think that will work. For passing audio, the mixer needs to lock in to one source. Control is another animal, and will allow for a firewire audio connection, and an ethernet control connection.

What is it you are trying to accomplish? I am probably missing something, because i am wondering why you wouldnt pass that audio over dante instead of firewire.

If it is a second computer, then check out Dante Via. Turns a pc, and anything attached, into a dante enabled device.


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