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I know a few small companies and individuals that use their StudioLive IA to record using capture because it is simple to use.

After laying all the tracks, It is easy enough to play all the recorded tracks back though the mixer to create a simple stereo mix that can be recorded as a stereo pair on tracks (17,18), (25. 26) and (33,34) depending on the model mixer you have.

What is needed is a simpler way of breaking out and saving that finished stereo recording from the rest of the stems. I am thinking about beginners or people that don't record for a living.

We should be able to go to FILE at the top of the screen and select -- publish final stereo recording (wording for this could be better) and pick where the new stereo file will be placed on the computer and if the file will be MP3 or some other audio file stile. Maybe even name the recording at that time. The important point is that the computer program be able to find the final recorded stereo pair on tracks (17,18), (25. 26) and (33,34) depending on the model mixer you have. And easily create a MP3 file or other audio file for sharing

The point is not everyone wants to mix in StudioOne , They just want to mix in Capture using the mixing board and create a simple stereo file that is easy to publish and share with friends.
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by jonblack4 on Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:29 am
I completely agree here.
I Love Studio One, and when mixing down something that matters in the details, I will export over to that from Capture for my final mix.

However, the main duties of PreSonus in my life is basic recording of Church services & Messages. These do not need updated in Studio One, and I do not have hard drive space to save each and every message in .wav format.
I would love to just be able to do two things;
- One, even using the same wording and filing system, be able to export directly to mp3.
- Two, It would be awesome to have a "New Simple Recording" button on the main screen to just bring up the Total Mix channel (33/34, etc. mentioned above). That would bypass my list of instructions for our beginner sound guys to "disarm" all other tracks, again because I don't need them, nor do I have space for that. Then I have to import them into some other program to export the final mp3, and delete the .wav original.

Just a thought. I like where it's headed.
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by sjc193 on Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:07 pm
Yup, I remix through the mixer to Capture all the time too. It can be tough to remember which take is best when they are all named xxx(3).wav, xxx(4).wav, xxx(5).wav, ect. usually it's the last one, but actually it's the next to last one because capture creates the next file before you hit record. Confusing at first.

FYI, once you have a whole show remix made in Capture, I like to take that file and bring it into the StudioOne Pro Project Page. The is great for Mastering and splitting a long recording into separate tracks and getting rid of the dead space. It's really quick and easy for that!


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