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Hi there,

Is there an easy way to export a session from Capture to CD?

If I export the session Capture writes a file for each recorded track plus track 15 & 16.

I'm using 16.0.2 if that makes a difference?

As each of my inputs are mono I'm guessing I can just use track 15 or 16 as these should be identical being wet with effects where the individual tracks are recorded dry?

Wondering how best to record a session to CD using a Mac.

Any hints/tips/ideas would be gratefully received.

Thanks & kind regards,

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by wahlerstudios on Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:26 am
You can also export selected files, e.g. tracks 15 + 16 as main mix, if that makes things easier. But as you are using S1 Pro, you have the mastering suite available. Just import tracks 15 + 16, add some processing (make the mix nice...) and "publish" your mix. You can use markers to export individual songs and there are different options for formats.

If you want to adjust/mix tracks more detailed, you can make a new mix with your mixer and record tracks 15 +16, which you can master afterwards - or you load all recorded tracks to Studio One and mix and master the songs there.

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