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• Saffire Pro 40
• PreSonus DigiMax FS
• MAC OSX High Sierra
• Presonus Studio One v2.6.5 (DAW)
• Pro 40 connected to DigiMAX via ADAT (In to Out / Out to In)
• Clock sync via ADAT
• All cabling: Balanced

Should I be able to:
1) Use MixControl to route my DAW channels OUT to the DigiMAX FS Direct (analog) Outputs?

2) Record from the DigiMAX inputs into my DAW?

I currently have no signal in either of these directions.

The*DigiMAX FS Direct (analog) Outputs are sending audio to my hardware mixer (Phonic Helix Board 24 Universal MKII) successfully via a patchbay.

Right now I am:
Routing Helix Direct Outs for Channels 1-8 to the DAW
Routing DAW Channels 9-16 to the Helix mixer via Analog Line Outs 3-10 on the Pro 40

I would like to:
Route Channels 1-8 to Helix via Analog Line Outs 3-10 on the Pro 40
Route Channels 9-16 to Helix via Analog Line Outs 1-8 on the*DigiMAX FS Direct (analog) Outputs

Pretty sure I have:
• Routing defined correctly in Saffire Mix Control
• I/O setup correctly in Studio One

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RE: http://answers.presonus.com/9162/can-someone-explain-to-how-chain-digimax-with-saffire-pro-40

Thanks - Barry
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