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Hello fellow FS LP users.

Ok, some background info.
I am trying to get the FS LP working for the first time.
I have installed Universal Control 1.7.2 for mac.
I am running a macbook mid 2012 retina with OSX 10.8.5. 2.3Ghz intel core i7 and 8Gb RAM.

I followed the installation instructions by installing the software, restarting and then connecting the firewire cable.
I am using an Apple Thunderbolt to firewire adapter.
The blue sync light stays flashing.
I am outputting a stereo audio signal into 2 channels of A/D of my Alesis HD24XR which is connected to the FS LP via 3 ADAT optical cables for inputs and 3 for outputs.
The LEDs on the FS LP are dancing in response to the audio.

I also have the Mac OS "Audio MIDI set up" utility recognising the FS LP with the name of the persons fire studio light pipe showing and all the inputs and outputs.

Universal Control also recognises the FS LP because it is shown as a graphic of the unit under the settings window and when I "check firmware" it reports that the connected device has the latest firmware.

So the FS LP is recognised by the Audio MIDI OS utility and Universal Control but the sync light stays flashing and I assume that when the FS LP is synced to the computer and ready to use that the Universal Control mixer will have flashing meters in response to the audio just like the hardware LEDs.

I phoned my local distributor here in Auckland , New Zealand and he suggested trying to uninstall the version of Universal Control and installing a previous and more recent versions to see if it is possibly more compatible with my computer set up.

I did this and had no sync success.

One other tid bit of info I can offer is that once while restarting I did hear the inputting audio via the headphones output of the FS LP. But once the macbook had fully booted up it stopped.

That is another test that I haven't mentioned yet in this post that I have been trying to monitor sound through the headphones output of the FS LPl but not hearing anything.

I don't know what other clues to offer. But I suspect that the facts that the FS LP is recognised by the OS Audio MIDI utility and Universal Audio that the sync light flashing issue may be refined to fewer options. Maybe there is a clue there for tech support.

But i think I read that tech support only help USA residents.
There is an offer of a paid support service from what looks like a third party called OBEDIA.

I want to live a happy productive life and record bands and beats and mix them on my big analogue hardware collection to a reel to reel.

Thanks for any assistance,
Roman in New Zealand.

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